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He is about to release his debut EP for Hammarica including a stunning BASSROCK REMIX. A good time to catch up with the producer from India for an interview!

How did you first get involved with EDM?

Oh I think from the very beginning I was into edm… vengaboyz was first electronic music album for me.

You are from India. Do you know other producers there? How big is the scene?

There are many….lost stories,brute force, nucleya to be named as few…

Scene is really really big in india…there is always huge response for edm artist…and Asia’s largest edm festival ‘sunburn’ is born n takes place in india which is just one amongst many…Goa itself is place in india which speaks all about rave..

What’s your favorite place to go out?

Goa definitely…

Which artist is a true inspiration to you?

I take different things from different artists…music theory -Armin Van buuren… no beat to that legend..

Different Sounds like bass,chords ,leads from afrojack, showtek,avicii,hardwell,dada life…they all have different flavours to their sounds..which pushes me to find my own….

Technology used well thing from deadmau5….that guy is real techy…

But most important thing is that they all keep their feet on the ground….

What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you when you went out?

Oh….everytime i go out in public place to produce on my laptop…i start dancing n head banging while m sittin n headphones on n makin music…. Just watch people’s reaction they are so different….hah…i take studio shit into the public…which isn’t normal…but its fun…

What’s your opinion on the Soundcloud platform?

Amazing….people want to discover good music and producers can provide them via soundcloud for free…

What’s your best advice to upcoming producers?

Don’t put constraints for your production….if it sounds amazing,then it is really amazing…thats it..

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Oh yeah. I’ve released a single named ‘trimorph’ which is available on stores…get your copy of it…

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