Find Yourself Lost in The Infectious Soundscape of Techno With Luca Draccar’s Latest EP


Luca Draccar


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With each passing year, it seems more exciting to learn that the Techno genre has uncovered some genuine and sonically rich performers whose music is impossible to forget. The genre is a big tent with a lot of different patterns and ideas, and with new artists breaking through, the boundary is simply moving forward.

Luca Draccar, unquestionably one of the most gifted and varied artists on the current music landscape, is bursting with fresh ideas, styles, and sounds.


Draccar’s new EP leads with hypnotic rhythms and dreamlike melodies as it pours through the speakers, freshly blending the nostalgia and eternal embrace of techno with a current, crisp and clean production approach and lashings of innovation. It begins with a clear level of individuality to establish Draccar’s own style, infusing a great balance between familiarity and artistry.

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