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Darth & Vader is one of the main electro house projects from Brazil. With influences of complextro, dirty electro, dubstep, rock and progressive, it was created as a duo in 2009, being ruled just by Hugo since the beginning of 2012.

Born in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro and having musical experiences since the age of nine, when began playing the guitar, Hugo Castellan has always been a rock’n’roll lover and had many bands of the style through his adolescence. 2007 was the year when he first heard and also fell in love with electronic music, which made him study musical production and create his fullon project called Harmonika. Two years later and wishing to produce and explore new sounds, came the idea of releasing Darth & Vader, with heavier and more complex basslines.


What made you decide to go from a duo to a solo project with Darth & Vader?

As you said, Darth & Vader started as a duo, but me and my ex-partner had ideological divergence regarding the project. This fact made us split. Honestly I don’t know if he is starting a solo project himself.

You love rock music. Which song would you say is the greatest rock song ever?

Probably Octavarium, from the progressive metal band Dream Theater.

Which city in the US do you love most?

Atlanta, GA. I have a lot of family members there!

What was the best dinner a promoter ever treated you on?

Usually I end up eating in the hotels, but one time I played in this club in Dallas, TX, the promoter took me to an amazing steak house. One of the best I ever went!

How would you describe the clubs and festivals in your home country of Brazil?

They have incredible energy, people party until morning in clubs here, festivals lasts more than 12 hours, sometimes days in a row.




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