Luca Draccar releases new EP ‘Sugar’

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Kaleidoscopic, hypnotic and at times chaotic, ‘Sugar’ is the latest EP from Berlin-based artist Luca Draccar.

The techno artist once again stretches his experimental limbs with the new release, a body of work that incorporates Draccar’s signature sounds of glitching textures, sweeping synths and intricate drumbeats.

‘Love Is Killing You’ plays with voices from the past, old recordings that are built around bubbling synthesizers and urban beats. ‘She Is Gone’ is a textural canvas, layered with gliding synths and sequencers, intense percussion, heavy rhythms and growling whispers.

‘Come Closer’ is the most intense track of the project, heavy on percussion that builds in anticipation. Constructed around the concept of the sugar pill,

‘Sugar’ is saccharine and addictive, hard to pull away from its mesmerizing presence. Techno found Luca Draccar in the dark alleys of Italy’s nightlife, sharing his music in the clubs of Milan. The shadowy path led him to Berlin where he now creates his futuristic soundscapes.


cover art Luca Draccar

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