Renaat Vandepapeliere – Exclusive Interview With Co-founder Of Legendary Label R&S Records

The past few years you have been managing a band called The Plea. How did that come about and how different is it than the work you have done for dance music?

I always wanted to work with songwriters, a band and by accident Sabine found them on Myspace! I was so happy! Great band, great vocalist and songwriter, and yes I know people compare this new band with U2 etc.. Just bollocks, it’s an awesome band! Irish of course.

They got a stunning debut album.

Of course a totally different approach as dance music and a very expensive exercise ! DJ’s / Dance producers promote themselves by DJ gigs.. A memory stick and off they are 🙂

A band needs to play a lot, transporting their instruments, amps etc ., always a few people to travel etc etc etc ..

Bands need a lot of airplay or they have no gigs at all, a complicated matter, always the chicken or the egg situation, as radio will not play new bands / there are always exceptions of the rules, if the hype is around the band etc etc ..

But it’s all a very interesting hard road .. We learn from it a lot.

Being part of new experiences, for example, last The Plea was on a support slot with Snow Patrol in Germany, and suddenly they were playing for 10.000 people in an arena with a soundcheck of 10 minutes. Great to see, this is where a young band has to prove themselves . Also on the tour, you can see this whole machine working, just awesome, also a very hard working world. It’s not a joke, not always glitter and glamour as most people think.

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It’s full on ARBEIT .. So a part of my dream is to make the band big, see them play in big arenas / Festivals /Stadiums .. Just love building new ventures, take a challenge, as we did with R&S 30 years ago !

I rather regret what I have done, than something I haven’t done in my life! I just plan my own route in life, don’t need to follow anyone really. Way back everybody looked at us, and thought we would never succeed . But imagination passion, hard work and following a dream & faith, does work !

Thanks again Renaat for taking the time for this interview!


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