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On Saturday, January 19th 2013, Sequential Circus returns for the twelfth iteration. Bring your dancing shoes for Vancouver’s premiere live electronic performance showcase!

Sequential Circus is an ongoing music event series featuring an ever-changing lineup of live performance (live-pa) electronic music acts, both local and imported talent, with a focus on cutting edge sound and visual technologies.


Do not confuse this with a DJ event – the dancefloor will be jumping, but all the music at Sequential Circus is composed and performed live by the original artists; it’s more of an electronic music concert series than a clubnight.

VENUE: Open Studios, #200 – 252 East 1st Avenue

19+ w/ID ONLY – there’s a bar

TICKETS: $20, available at the door only, arrive early to avoid disappointment

Doors at 10:00pm, first performance begins at 10:30pm sharp!

MUSICAL PERFORMANCE LINEUP: (alphabetical order)

EDM Event News

Computer Controlled

Computer Controlled is the main project of Seattle artist Larry Kleinke. Computer Controlled’s base (or is that bass?) sound is heavily influenced by the oldschool Midwest Acid sound of DJ ESP Woody McBride and DJ Hyperactive, as well as labels like Communique’, Drop Bass Network, Direct Drive, Industrial Strength, Harthouse, Contact, TRAX, and the early Minimal stylings of dbx, Todd Sines and Hyperactive. His live Acid PAs have garnered praises from all who have witnessed them. Though some software is used, it is mostly a hardware based Live PA.

Style: Acid Techno | Home City: Seattle, WA


Having been making electronic music for over 15 years, Entorwellian’s eccentric and puzzling IDM-style ranges from lush and serene to wild and fantastical. With his roots in music trackers, inventing new instruments, software programming and tape editing, Entorwellian dedicates himself towards finding new ways of bridging the gap between unrestrained imagination and technical limitations. When Entorwellian is not composing, he is collecting field recordings and audio samples from his travels and outdoor adventures.

Dance Music Event NewsStyle: Pacific-Northwest IDM | Home City: Vancouver


Legsss, or “Legs” for short, is a new project by Frederick Brummer started early in 2012. Legs focusses on producing and performing live electronic music for the dance floor. Stylistically Legs wanders all over the map, drawing influence from ambient, drone, psychedelic, experimental, noise, idm, grime, r&b, dub, hip-hop, jungle, techno, footwork, juke, punk, breakcore, the list goes on. Legs boils all this down to its essential elements: the drum machine, the synthesizer, the sampler, the delaaaayyyyyy…. Hearing is believing

Style : Experimental Dance Music | Home City : Vancouver

Andrew Van Hassel

Andrew has been creating music all of his life. His love of musical instruments has lead him to explore a very vast construction of worldly sounds. With many influences, he has wondered through a variety of genres and styles and recently, has been producing some lush, electronic, dirty dance party music. With synthesizers, haunting vocals and forest-like sounds, Andrew will always give an exciting show, and it’s always different from his last.

Style: Techno | Home City: Vancouver

Self Evident

In the last year Self Evident has released on labels B YRSLF Division (France), Lejal Globe (Estonia), Blipswitch (USA), Palms Out Sounds (USA), Subklub + Cabeza (Argentina), Car Crash Set (USA) + his own label Dipped Recordings (Canada) to name a few. Playing in a variety of styles & formats Self Evident has shared the stage with a plethora of dance music producers; dBridge (UK), DJ Mike Q (NYC), Addison Groove (UK), Dabrye (Detroit), Loxy (UK), Africa Hitech (UK), Dibiase (LA), Silkie (UK), Girl Unit + Kingdom (Night Slugs), The Bug + Warrior Queen (UK), DJG (LA), Maga Bo (Brazil), Bassnectar, Eprom, Distance (UK), Cholita Sound (Chile), Villa Diamante (Argentina), Kraddy (Glitch Mob), Skream (UK), etc. A veteran of Canadian festivals Shambhala (Nelson), Basscoast (Squamish) + Diversity (Texada Island). Earlier this year Self Evident teamed up with Will Eede (Wepa! ) for a tour of Chile + Argentina. He now sets his sights on a tour of Canada in early 2013.

Style: Intense dance music for dancers and heads | Home City: Vancouver

XORNOT Sound System

Instrumentalist Iain Duncan and DJ Glyn Gibson are XORNOT Sound System. XORNOT combines live instruments, improvised sequencing, and intricate musical arrangements. Ranging across deep house, funk, dub, and acid techno, XORNOT draws on a wide variety influences, from Orbital to Hardfloor to Herbie Hancock. When they aren’t patting the studio cats, they like long walks on the beach, augmented ninth chords and making computers pretend to be modular synthesizers.

Style: House / Funk / Dub / Acid | Home City: Vancouver




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